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 We have a lift and/or stand that will fit almost any motorcycle. You can use our guide to determine which one fits your bike. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Lifts And Stands

With over 15 years of constant development and refinement of our patented Make-Life-Easy products, we now offer a range of lifts and stands designed to safely lift your motorcycle for maintenance, servicing or even detailing. Lifting a Harley Dynaglide, Triumph Rocket 3 or 1800 Goldwing up to workbench height with the wheels free is now child’s play.  We have the answer to lifting almost any sportbike, cruiser, or classic machine, past or present, in a completely safe environment for you and your bike!
Safety for the User and Motorcycle has always been our top priority, followed closely by Quality and Value for Money!
All products are available for immediate shipment from our Atlanta-based distribution depot and come to you with an unrivaled Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer. Please read our warranty information. Our lifts work on a totally failsafe screw-shaft design that can be operated manually or by using a 3/8″ power drill.
When purchasing our products you can rest assured that there is an aftercare customer service that is second to none waiting for you if ever you need our help!

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  This design was driven by the American market’s passion for low and heavy Harley Davidson motorcycles, then came the introduction of Honda’s 1800 Gold Wing through to the Triumph Rocket 3′s and Thunderbirds. Today with our comprehensive range of mounts we can guarantee to lift almost any motorcycle right on up through the range of Japanese cruisers and beyond!
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Evolved from the need to lift a vast range of Superbikes, road bikes and off-road machines that were previously impossible to lift in total safety due to their complex designs leaving the old fashioned table lift/workbench as the only option.

Both Eazy Rizer lifts have been tested to withstand 2,000kg (2 ton) without failure and employ a failsafe high tensile trapezoidal screw-shaft to do the lifting. It can be powered manually or with a power drill and has the ability to be stopped at any height, It can also be locked in the fully raised position for total security. The bike cannot be lowered until you permit it!

When Eazy Rizer is not in use you can just hang it up on the garage wall to save floor space!
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This universal motorcycle wheel chock is fully adjustable (80-195mm) to fit the front or rear wheel on most bikes and keeps the bike safely upright without the need to employ the sidestand for parking. When used on the front wheel you just ride in, get off and walk away. It’s that simple.

Bike Grab excels itself when used for transporting motorbikes in vans, trucks and on trailers giving the ultimate security for your machine!

Bike Grabs are in use by major race teams and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.
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This elegant and very, very strong Harley jack has been designed to lift the heaviest Harley or any other flat bottomed cruiser in just a couple seconds with ease and has the ability to get the bikes wheels up to 100mm (4″) off the floor, It is constructed from 45mm (1.75″) steel tubing and will take a load in excess of 600kg (1320lb).

The Strongarm is your personal assistant holding the bike safely upright allowing easy cleaning and turning of the wheels or even wheel removal. In most cases it will also allow front fork and rear swing arm removal!

The Strongarm is perfect for the winter park-up taking the weight off the suspension and tires plus it saves space in the garage by keeping the bike vertical and virtually eliminates any possibility of the bike being knocked over!

The Strongarm’s pivot is coated with a strong UPVC lining to protect the paintwork of your bikes frame rails.
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